Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Is Pakistan land of Christians?

I remember when i was in childhood, that was my school time,we were two brother in muslim school,M.C primary School Yasinabad Faisalabad. It is too hard to be Christians in pakistan where niether government nore people has friendly behaviour with Christians, We are considered untouchable community. Whole society is polluted with projedism. Muslim always shouting that this country is muslim’s country, media propogate that pakistan is Muslim country and this country made for muslims there is no one other has rights to live in pakistan. It is will(swaabdeed)of muslims that christians and other minorities are living here and when ever Muslim leader and fuedle come in Christians event or  program they say routine words that all Christians are free in pakistan and they are our (Amaanat) and they are protected and save so so . It is un-true words,fals words. Is it privilage of muslims that we are living here. I think they should bring out from their mis-misunderstanding. It is our country and no one has rights to drag us out from the country niether try to depress us just to say that we are minority. We are not minority , we are Christians and pakistani. If they (muslims)do not correct their behaviour , we have to take action agaist such attitute, It is settled consipiracy agaist Chritians just to led us back from the development. Our develoment is Pakistan's development. Now time has changed, We are no more in any inferior complex , We have been serving paksitan,we will be serving in pakistan with proude and privilage. Government has to change its politicies agaist us and people has to change their attiute agaist us. Media has to change their propogration agaist Christians and rectify their history.Where we have contribute a lot in development of pakistan, they have to include our contribution in protecting and saving pakistan. Now we are saying we are pakistan, think when we will not say we are pakistan then?